The Pottery Shop is the home of Chris Davis Stoneware Pottery, in Ogunquit since 1984.  Chris and Alex make handsome functional pots for cooking and serving food, presenting flowers and plants, holding candles and oil to light your home and garden, and more.

Chris has worked exclusively in clay since 1972 while Alex divided his time between teaching and studio work until the move to "The Ice House" in the Cove eight years ago.  Since then, Alex manages the shop and joins Chris in their newly expanded studio when he has the time.  Together they produce an assortment of over 150 different pots which keeps the shop changing with each firing and keeps the work interesting exciting.


Since moving to the Ice House in Perkins Cove in 1984, we have enjoyed collecting work by designer craftsmen from across the country.  The result is a wonderful selection of gifts that compliment our pottery and our style.  These include iron candlesticks and candelabra, hooks and blown-glass holders from several forges... a large collection of wooden serving utensils, cutting and serving boards, plates and bowls... pewter serving and measuring sets... whimsical and functional aluminum stars and angels... constructed steel and bronze bells, gongs and fountains... copper bowls for bathing birds or floating candles... and cast stone sculpture for garden and home.  We also carry Coastal Candles, the best scented votives to be found... and they are made right here in Maine.  Come to Perkins Cove to enjoy the breathtaking view and stop by The Pottery Shop for a refreshing shopping experience.


For those of you who have watched our daughter Stephanie grow up here in Maine, she is now married to a man we are happy to have as part of our family and they live in southern California where they both work as librarians in the University of California system.

chris and alex davis    p.o. box 2228   ogunquit, maine 03907
in season:  207.646.7619   off season:  207.363.7561
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